By Michael K. Block, DPM
July 12, 2018
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Heel PainHave you been waiting patiently for your heel pain to go away? If you've lived with pain for more than a week or two, it may be time to make a trip to the foot doctor. Our Abingdon, MD, podiatrists, Dr. Michael Block and Dr. Monica Cooney, use a variety of treatment options to address heel pain.

When should I call an Abingdon foot doctor?

It's not unusual to experience heel pain from time to time. In most cases, the pain gets better in just a few days, and you soon forget that your heel ever hurt. Pain that lasts more than a week or two may be a sign that you've developed a foot condition that requires treatment from a podiatrist. If you ignore your pain and continue to run, walk, and work out, you may worsen your condition or even increase your risk of chronic pain and disability.

What conditions cause heel pain?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. The condition occurs when the plantar fascia, a long, band of connective tissue that connects the bottom of your heel to your toes, becomes inflamed. Once inflammation occurs, you may notice pain in your heel and the arch of your foot.

Plantar fasciitis pain is usually worse when you get out of bed or walk or stand after resting or sitting for long periods. The moment you put any weight on your foot, you may notice a sharp, stabbing pain. Plantar fasciitis is more likely to occur if you roll your foot inward when you walk, are overweight, wear worn-out athletic shoes, have high arches or flat feet, or stand for long periods of time every day.

Podiatrists offer several treatment methods to decrease plantar fasciitis pain, including night splints, anti-inflammatory medication, corticosteroid injections, stretching exercises, physical therapy, extracorporeal shock wave treatment, and surgery.

Other conditions that may cause pain in the heels can include retrocalcaneal bursitis, Achilles tendinitis, heel fissures, and bone spurs. Your podiatrist can offer treatments that will address your painful symptoms and help your heel begin to heal if you're diagnosed with one of these conditions.

End your heel pain with a visit to your Abingdon, MD, podiatrists. Call Dr. Block and Dr. Cooney at (410) 569-0445 to schedule an appointment.


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