Abingdon Surgical Center

Abingdon Surgical Center is accredited by AAAHC and is Medicare approved. This is a place where patients will be able to receive a personalized one on one date with either provider based on our schedule. The surgery will be scheduled on one date alone or will be scheduled on the same day as other patients, however the surgery will be staggered to ensure that the number of individuals that are within the facility at the same time, are kept to a minimal. Our practice has a goal of ensuring that the ASC is a place where each patient is able to receive all medical personnel focusing all of their attention on the patient. This is because our patient's health and well being are our top priority. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we are taking all precautions of ensuring that our surgical center is meeting all sanitation requirements. In order to be in alliance with CDC guidelines, we ensure that any surgical patient is limited to only one person accompanying them to the surgery. Furthermore, social distancing is also in alliance with our practice, as this is re-enforced within the surgical center. 

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